Docks In

Docks In

Because the Raritan River Boat Club is located on a river, upstream from the NY/NJ Bay, the docks must be stored on land each winter to avoid damage from moving ice. On March 24th, all available members got together for the annual docks in day. Using the club’s crane and manpower, each section was lowered into the water, one at a time, and the docks system was assembled like a giant puzzle.

Sections dropped into the water need assembling

After weeks of work parties to build new dock sections and repair others, this was the final opportunity to make some last minute repairs. Under Bill Stephen’s leadership, the docks committee has been repairing and replacing sections over the past couple of years as needed. And many club members have spent their weekends at the club, earning points, working on this much needed maintenance effort.

Last minute repairs to one section’s floats before splashing

A section far above heading into the river for the season

The view from the top of the stack