RIFT RAFT Newsletter

From the Bridge

Rich Aszman, Commodore

When I became a member of the club back in 1994, the last place I pictured myself was sitting at the center of the head table during meetings. But as the years went by I realized how special the RRBC really is. Everyone knows the club exists by the hard work of its members. The more we put into the club, the more we actually get out of it.

Each incoming commodore has plans on how they want to leave their mark on the club. Each has to consider the financial strength of the club, capital improvements, vibrancy, etc.

When I look at what I am hoping for, I think back to the late (and great) Jimmy Welsh. During his administration, the club met the above criteria, but it really had a special warmth. I would like to focus on that aspect. I would like this to be a happy place. A place where members and guests look forward to only good times.

We are a big family here. Yes, we have different priorities, but families should work together. If we all work together to make this a warm and friendly club, we will reap many rewards. Guests who come will see this as gem in the community and want to join. Members will take on a special ownership and work hard together when we have projects. This will be the place where members want to spend most of their free time. And, if these things take place, the financial needs of the club and the capital improvements will be bi-products.

That said, I ask the membership to think about how we can better the club and how each person can help. If you have a special skill or trade, please use it at the club. I know many people already do, but many of us could do more. Soon, when the single digit temperatures have passed, we will start building docks. That leads to docks in which lead to a fun season on the water. It is great seeing two people who in the past weren’t particularly close, working on a project together and then become good friends.

Let’s not forget upcoming events. We have Rib Day, the Super Bowl party, the Daytona Party all coming up. Strong attendance leads to fun times. I am pleased and honored to be the commodore of the Raritan River Boat Club and l look forward to serving the needs of all members. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to approach me. I am here for all.

From the Navigator

Andy Stevens

Welcome to volume 33 issue 1. As we begin a new year, this periodical along with our slate, starts clean. If anyone would like to submit something to this award winning periodical, please send it to either ADStevens@aol.com or JulioAGarzon@outlook.com (Andy and New Alex). Whether it is a one-time piece or recurring column, just let us know.

Breakfast at RRBC

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, come the winter, the RRBC serves breakfast on Sunday mornings.

Under the leadership of newly minted Fleet Captain, Chef Joe Katarski, come keep this fun tradition alive.

Priced at only $7 per adult and $3 per child, these filling meals are served from 8 am to 12 noon.

Our first breakfast was 1/7 and was nicely attended. Join the fun

Raritan River Boat Club

For membership questions, please call either:

Bill 732.540.2407 or Mike 732.213.5179

Membership Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following who have membership anniversaries in the fourth & first quarters:

Dan Basilico, Michael Bassista, Randy Bell, Thomas Betsko, Joseph Bingert, Claude Burke , Edward Burns, Lewis Caffrey, Ronald Cichalski, Richard Crowley, John Cwynar, Joseph Davis, Fred Diem, Joe Dino, Feliks Dinspechin, Thomas Ditzel, Edward Doscher, Wayne Enoch, Joseph Fircha, Alex Garzon, William Germann, Joseph Katarski, Michael Kelly, Tom Kline, Pat Leonard, William Micklos Jr., Glenn Murray, Patrick O’Brien, Amit Patel, Frank Schiavino, Kenneth Schock, Bryan Serino, Richard Simun Jr., Richard Simun Sr., Ken Stanley, Andrew Stevens, Tom Stolte, James Vetrecin, Jeff Voorhees

Championship Rib Day

On Sunday January 21, we are having Rib Day at the club. Please see page 7 of this issue for more details.

Super Bowl Party

On Sunday February 4, come join us for a fantastic daylong party. Hear the national anthem sung but be surrounded by people standing in respect. Details to follow.

Daytona 500 Party is coming

On Sunday February 18, we will have a roaring good time with the annual Daytona party. Bring your racer, show your colors and come down to the club. Please see page 8 of this issue for more details.

Team Typhoon

Further underscoring the point that this is a club and not a marina, Typhoon racing brought home their 8th, yes 8th, world championship title in November. Winning the nationals in ‘17 wasn’t enough for Randy “Mad Dog” Schleuss and Tommy “The Gun” Crowley, as they left their mark in Florida.

With crew chiefs Glenn Helwig and John Catsoulis making sure everything was running smoothly, close to 30 RRBC members and families made the trek to witness this historic event. This is something you only see at a close-knit club.

Mad Dog Schleuss said having the support of the fans, who bought shirts and uniforms, spurred them onto victory. In a private interview, Randy said he dedicated this event to his wife Chris and his daughters Morgan and Lauren. Without their support, who knows where he would be. – Please see page 5 for pictures.

Belated Mazal Tov

A belated congratulations and best wishes to Ken and Nancy Shock. Ken and Nancy tied the knot at the club on September 9th and graciously celebrated with all members. Ken is a senior member who joined the club in 2003. This is an example of things you don’t see at marinas. A member inviting everyone to join in the festivities.

Club Financial Audit

On Sunday 1/7, the annual audit of the club’s finances were conducted. It is with great pleasure to announce that no irregularities were found. Bill Stephens and Ed Burns, on behalf of the members and finance committee, we thank you for your efforts as Treasurer and Financial Secretary respectively.

Questions and Answers

Q: Who is obligated to participate in dock building and docks in?

A: Forget who is officially obligated, everyone who uses a slip should be helping out.

Q: Did prices at the bar actually go up?

A: Unfortunately yes. But only because the distributers raised their prices.

Q: Are we still the least expensive place around to buy a beer?

A: But of course.

Q: 3 years ago, the Rift Raft projected gas prices to stay low. Is there a new prediction?

A: Unfortunately, expect a slight rise. Though production has increased, the US and world economies are expanding. With expansion, demand will grow, thus raising prices. Don’t be surprised if they top $3 per gallon.

Q: I want to rent the hall to celebrate a family event, whom should I speak with?

A: Ron Cichalski handles hall rentals, which then ultimately get approved by the BOD.

Q: Are the club grounds haunted? A party could end late at night, but the next morning, the place is clean.

A: That’s just Mark Aziz, our friendly ghost. He comes down at off hours and makes the club ship shape.

Q: Is 25% of my small watercraft slip fee due by the first meeting in February?

A: Yes it is, along with 25% of your regular slip fees. You don’t want to be late.

Q: I heard that certain house committee members must earn house points through the year, not just when they want?

A: That is true. They must earn 4 per month. This way we ensure the house is always clean

New Leadership at Club

As we being 2018, we have a new head table.

Commodore – Rich Aszman Rear Commodore – Billy De Almeida Fleet Captain – Joe Katarski Treasurer – Bill Stephens Financial Secretary – Ed Burns Asst Financial Secretary – John Mindler

On behalf of the members, we wish the new administration success and our assistance and thank them in advance for the time they dedicate. Without people like them stepping forward and sacrificing their time, the club wouldn’t be what it is today.