RIFT RAFT Newsletter

From the Bridge

Anthony Dima, Commodore

The bulk of the 2016 boating season is now behind us. I think we can say this year was successful at the club.

Docks went in on time, though we struggled with the chains. We even re-shaped some fingers. The Opening, Hosting and Closing were well attended and lasted well into the night. The dock party saw good food and drinks with the Rib Master Mike Kelly cooking by his boat. Acquapalooza was a fun day though it got a little hectic at the end. Thank you to everyone who pitched in, we can’t do it without volunteers.

We also have a lot of work to do. Boats out will keep people busy. Putting up the doors and windows to the Tiki bar goes a lot faster with more hands.

Docks out aren’t as exciting as docks in because the season is behind us but we still need people to help out.

Even though I can’t thank everyone, I need to single out a few people.

  • Vice Commodore Rich for all your DJ work
  • Fleet Captain Billy for organizing the parties Galley Chair Jon for the food and the upgraded hot dogs
  • Dockmaster Bill for making sure we have slips to dock to
  • Marky Mark Aziz for all of your late night cleaning after parties
  • Past Commodores (too many to name) for the advice you have given me
  • Frank and Frank for keeping the bar running smoothly. Without their daily efforts, the bar wouldn’t generate the cash that it does.

Hats off to our ball players. The team brought back the coveted Raritan River Softball trophy with an impressive win over South River. Billy did a fine job rotating 15 guys into the game. Billy Sr. coached third and kept waving our runners home. Everyone who played was able to play at least half the game, which shows teamwork. Practices for next years’ game will start the first Wednesday in January – just kidding. Anyone who has pictures from the game or other moments that capture the essence of our club should send them to Howard, our webmaster.

Right now the budget is being worked on. If you have any ideas that can bring in revenue or cut expenses, this would be a great time to surface them.

In closing – we had a productive preseason, a fun season and now we gear up for the post season. Thanks to all members for making 2016 memorable.