RIFT RAFT Newsletter

From the Bridge

Rich Aszman, Commodore

Wow, where did the summer go. It seems like we were just building docks and getting our boats ready for the season. Now we are thinking about how we can get one or two more good trips out of our boats and jet skis before we pull them out.

Unfortunately, the season will be ending soon and we will be closing up our boats for the season. That will be followed by docks out. Keep your ears open for the docks out days.

If you are planning on storing your boat at the club over the winter, please speak to Joe Dino (land storage) to let him know. Also, have Frank Schiavino or Rich Gabriel confirm measurements on your boat. During the annual audit of the club books, we now look to confirm your boat length is properly recorded.

Since the last Rift Raft, Ken Schock took over as Vice Commodore and has been proactive in discharging his duties. Thanks Ken and keep up the good work.
On a sad note, I want to extend condolences to the Miklos and Crowley families regarding Dotty. What a wonderful woman she was. Here was a person who loved the club, loved excitement and loved family. For those of you who didn’t know, she ran the Ladies Auxiliary for many years. She will be missed

On a mixed note, (sad) – Meagan Murphy, from our sister club, SRBC was in a serious accident caused by a drunk driver. (good) – Many members of our club contributed to the GoFundMe page. To those members, thank you. Meagan, wishes for a speedy recovery. To all, please don’t drink and drive.

If you want to help the Murphy’s, please see me or Leslie, the first lady of the club.

From the Navigator

Andy Stevens

Welcome to volume 33 issue 3. There is much talk in the news about newsletters and papers leaning left or right. We are proudly down the middle. But we believe, it is better to lean to the right than lean to the wrong (that’s a joke, relax). If anyone would like to submit something to this award winning periodical, please send it to either ADStevens@aol.com or JulioAGarzon@outlook.com (Andy and New Alex). Whether it is a one-time piece or recurring column, just let us know.

Thank You

A special thank you to Bill Germann for all of his hard work on the work boat, and Glenn Helwigg on his Tiki Party efforts.


Condolences to the Beaudrow family on the passing of Mike’s father.

Senior Meeting

Coming Up A senior member meeting will be held on September 20th, at 7 pm, just prior to the regular meeting. On the agenda is the voting on new senior members.

Raritan River Boat Club

For membership questions, please call either:

Bill 732.540.2407 or Mike 732.213.5179

Membership Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following that have membership anniversaries in the third quarter:

John Abbott, Howard Askelson, Mark Aziz, Thomas Brescia, John Catsoulis, Frank Cummings, Billy De Almeida, John Donnelly, John Forner, Rich Gabriel, Brett Greiner, Walter Janosz, Joe Kapcsandi, William Micklos, Sr., Brian Miller, Alexander Minacapelli, John Mindler, Nicholas Miragliotta, John Spielman.

Winter Prep of Your Slip

When you are taking your boat out of the water for the season, please remove all personal items from your dock in a timely fashion. That includes dock boxes, dock wheels, etc. Leaving a dock wheel on, adds a complexity when we are stacking the docks. The club is NOT responsible if the wheel gets damaged.

RRBC Apparel

Look stylish when you’re at the club or elsewhere. Be the envy of your friends. Pick up a club golf or T shirt. Better yet, get a sweatshirt or monogrammed jacket. We are considering getting hooded sweatshirts. Please make your desire known. Also in stock are club hats (winter and baseball).

Stars & Stripes Boat Parade

Perth Amboy and South Amboy held the first annual “Stars & Stripes Boat Parade” in the Raritan Bay for Independence Day.

The RRBC sent 9 boats to the parade garnering us the award for most boats from a club. Commodore and First Lady, Richie and Leslie Aszman, took home two trophies: People’s Choice Award & Most Creative.

The parade was a fun time for all who went. However, one boat hit an obstacle on the trip back up the river, causing some damage.

Questions and Answers

  • Q: What’s this I hear about the Fun Police at the club? Do they make sure you have fun or the reverse?
  • A: It’s just a matter of perspective.
  • Q: When is winter storage money due?
  • A: When you pull your boat out of the water after the closing or the first October meeting, whichever is sooner.
  • Q: Can we get the bar to stock Corona Premier?
  • A: That is up to the Frank Cummings and his team.
  • Q: In January, the Rift Raft projected gas prices to rise but generally stay under $3 per gallon. How did they know?
  • A: Word has it the publishers employ a series of top secret, proprietary algorithms.
  • Q: I noticed at SRBC they have a copy of the rules hanging on the bulletin board. Can we do something like that?
  • A: It’s up to the gentlemen who sit at the head table.
  • Q: What is so important about earning at least 100 points in a season?
  • A: If you don’t get 100 points, you can’t be assigned a slip. You will also get charged double for winter storage.
  • Q: Who is responsible for getting Jet Ski floats out of the water?
  • A: The Jet Ski float owner, and, before docks out.
  • Q: Why does the assistant Financial Secretary position count toward Sr. Membership, like a committee chair, when no other co-chairs count?
  • A: Interesting. It was probably just an oversight. Something the rules committee should consider looking into.
  • Q: Why is the refurbished area near the peninsula called the Lido deck (pronounced Lee-dough)?
  • A: That was a deck from the TV show, the Love Boat. You can sit there and find love (single members only).

Dotty Miklos on the Everlasting Cruise

A Loss felt by all

Dorothy (Dotty) Micklos passed away on Aug 4th, 2018 after a hard fought fight with illness. Dotty, the wife of Life Member and Past Commodore, Bill Micklos, was a lifelong resident of Edison and enjoyed a very active life. Dotty helped find a business location for Bill’s Service Center while Bill was serving in the Army which allowed Bill to start his business upon his return stateside. Bill and Dotty ran the business together and Dotty also worked as a telephone operator and owned/operated a luncheonette for several years as well.

Dotty was a great wife, mother, sister, grandmother, mother-in-law and most of all, a friend to many. Dotty would always say “you should have that” and she would help you get it.

Bill and Dotty loved their cars and drag racing and both of them won many trophies at Old Bridge Stadium. Dotty carried her love of cars and race engines to their pleasure vehicles and boats, too. Dotty always drove a nice car; most notable was her black Lincoln Mark V before experimenting with conversion vans and SUV’s. She also enjoyed HEMI’s, hence Bill’s current RAM HEMI quad cab.

As for boats, there were a few but the common link was they were always named ‘Dotty M’ and you were always welcome. Bill would make sure it was clean and ready to run and Dotty would take care of entertaining with food and beverage. There were many trips aboard the Dotty M to the Robert E Lee, Great Kills and other locations including Bar Runs while Bill served as Bar Steward for many years.

A key piece of Dotty’s service to the RRBC was her role as Ladies Auxiliary President which she served for many years from the late 1970’s thru the 1990’s and then served the First Mates well into the 2000’s. Dotty, with help from many of her friends and daughter Barbara, who also served as president, ran many events each year to raise funds and present the club and Commodore a gift at the Annual Commodores Ball. These events included an Annual Spring Dance Formal, Friday night Fish Fry’s, Kids and Adult Christmas parties, etc.

Dotty was active in so many things and also enjoyed cooking, camping, time at their Florida home, Elvis, NASCAR racing and more.

Dotty will be severely missed by all!