RIFT RAFT Newsletter

From the Bridge

Anthony Dima, Commodore

On Saturday 3/25, the Commodores Ball was held at our club. As I said in my remarks, I am especially proud of our club and club house. An email was sent out asking for members to help set up for the party. Many members answered the call. The house was totally cleaned and decorated. We were able to show off the new carpeting we had installed in the meeting room. Without the help of our membership doing work both inside and outside, the club wouldn’t be what it is.

Glenn Hellwig enlisted the Wrecks to perform and they did a great job. People were dancing for hours on end. The Simun’s cut quite the rug on the dance floor. Who knew?

We were fortunate to have dignitaries from several clubs attend. South River Boat Club had a strong showing, thank you. Mark Aziz was his usual helpful self. Whether it was stocking the bar, bringing in more ice or washing glasses, Marky Mark was a huge help.

The two Frank’s made sure the bar maids had all they needed to start the night. From what I saw and heard, everyone had a great time.

I want to give a special shout out to the “Over 60 club” for all of their work building and repairing docks during the week. This made it easier and very efficient when we had weekend dock parties floating the docks.

We will be building more docks and floating them every Saturday for the next several weeks. Please come down and help. The club is only as strong as the volunteering of the members.

I would like to thank my lovely wife Kelli for all of her help in organizing the ball and making it the success it was. Without her help and support, I don’t know where I would be.

Enjoy the season everyone.

From the Navigator

Andy Stevens

Welcome to volume 32 issue 2. Please see our growing list of advertisers and use them if possible. If anyone would like to have something included, feel free to submit it. Please send submissions to ADStevens@aol.com or JulioAGarzon@outlook.com

Congratulations/Mazal Tov

Congratulations to Past Commodore Mike Beaudrow and former first lady, Sue. They were blessed when their daughter Ashley gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Amethyst. Both Ashley and baby Amethyst are doing fine.

Membership Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following who have membership anniversaries in the fourth & first quarters
Randy Bell, Thomas Betsko, Richard Simun,Sr., Michael Kelly, Joseph Fircha, John Cwynar, Lewis Caffrey, Alex Garzon, William Germann, Richard Crowley, Tom Stolte, & Joseph Katarski.

Jumping the Broom

Recently New Alex, Alex Garzon, and Lew Caffrey, jumped the broom from probies to regular members. They will still be active members of the house committee as all first year members must still earn 50 house points to retain regular member status.


With the 2017 season upon us, we have a plethora of fun in sun festivities taking place. Don’t be a stranger, come, partake, and volunteer. A happy time for one and all.


Dock Building PLACE – OUTSIDE WHEN – WEEKENDS IN MARCH AND APRIL Build and float docks Club Opening PLACE – OUTSIDE WHEN – MAY 20 Flags are officially raised POKER RUN PLACE – RARITAN RIVER WHEN – JUNE 17 One of the most fun events of the season AQUAPALOOZA PLACE – RIVER NEAR DONALDSON PARK WHEN –USUALLY INDEPENDENCE DAY Bring your boat, Jet Ski or Kayak and raft up Club Hosting PLACE – INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WHEN – JULY 15 Dignitaries from far and wide come to the club.

Jet Ski and Small Boat Slips

After numerous conversations about it, it appears we are real close to having designated and reserved slips for small boats and jet skis.

The latest plan is that some of the upstream slips are in the shallow water. That is too shallow for your typical boat but deep enough for small boats and jet skis.

For a nominal fee, those who partake will get an assigned slip and have dibs over those who don’t, but want to in the future.

Tom Crowley and Bill Scott have been in talks to line up the roll-up, floating docks. Please speak to them for details.