RIFT RAFT Newsletter

From the Bridge

Anthony Dima, Commodore

As I enter my second year as commodore, I think about what we accomplished last year and what we hope to do this year. One can only ponder so long before actions have to begin. We have a full list of things, so please, don’t be shy, come down and help out.

I would like to thank those people who have been coming down and helping with the steel. Your efforts are of the kind that keeps this club moving forward. I can only imagine if we didn’t have the volunteers that we do and had to pay others to do this. Dues and fees would have to double at least.

I was saddened to hear that big Alex was going to be moving to Ohio. In his short time at the club, he was corresponding secretary, was always willing to help on projects, and, most importantly, was a nice guy who brought his friends and family to be a part of our family. Good luck in the Buckeye state Alex. You will be missed.

Soon we will be starting the arduous task or building new docks. This is a necessary task that once the warm weather sets in, we appreciate the work that had been done. That will be followed by docks in. Docks in is a lot more optimistic than docks out. Most likely, vice commodore, Rich Aszman will be the first to have his boat in the water. First one boat in then another, then the season will be in full swing. But it starts with dock building.

Speaking of docks, I want to personally extend a much needed and often overlooked thank you to Bill Stephens, who recently stepped down as Dockmaster. Bill would dedicate countless hours to determining what to replace, how much supplies needed to be purchased, where we could get the best price, etc. He kept meticulous records which has proven helpful to his replacement, past commodore Mike Beaudrow. Just as an aside, what a coincidence that Bill and Mike became members on the same day, 17 years ago. And, speaking of 17 years, that is currently the average tenure of members of the RRBC based upon the current roster.

As always, I want to thank the first lady of the boat club, my wife, Kelli, for all her support.

From the Navigator

Andy Stevens

Welcome to volume 32 issue 1. I know our loyal readership has been waiting with baited breath, enjoy. If anyone would like to submit something to this award winning periodical, please send it to either ADStevens@aol.com or JulioAGarzon@outlook.com (Andy and New Alex)

Breakfast at RRBC

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, come the winter, the RRBC serves breakfast on Sunday mornings.

Under the leadership of galley co-chair, Chef Joe Katarski, who vowed to “Make Breakfast Great Again”, come get your custom cooked meal.

Priced at only $7 per adult and $3 per child, these sumptuous meals are served from 8 am to 12 noon.

Support your club and those who give up their time to serve breakfast. Joe’s committee are hard workers

Membership Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following who have membership anniversaries in the fourth & first quarters

Edward Doscher, Pat Leonard, James Vetrecin, Glenn Murray, Michael Bassista, Patrick O’Brien, Frank Schiavino, Feliks Dinspechin, Bryan Serino, Claude Burke , Thomas Ditzel, William Micklos Jr., Dan Basilico, Richard Simun Jr.,, Ken Stanley, Joe Dino, Kenneth Schock, Fred Diem, Amit Patel, Andrew Stevens, Joseph Davis, Ronald Cichalski,, Edward Burns, Wayne Enoch, Jeff Voorhees, Joseph Bingert, Randy Bell, Thomas Betsko, Richard Simun,Sr., Michael Kelly, Joseph Fircha, John Cwynar, Lewis Caffrey, Alex Garzon, William Germann, Richard Crowley, Tom Stolte, & Joseph Katarski


With the 2017 season upon us, we have a plethora of fun in sun festivities taking place. Don’t be a stranger, come, partake, and volunteer. A happy time for one and all.


Super bowl Party PLACE – OUTSIDE WHEN – FEBRUARY 5 An annual tradition Daytona 500 Party PLACE – INSIDE WHEN – FEBRUARY 26 Flags are officially raised ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARTY PLACE – INSIDE WHEN – MARCH 17 Quality Corned Beef Dock Building PLACE – OUTSIDE WHEN – WEEKENDS IN MARCH AND APRIL Build and float docks Commodore’s Ball PLACE – TBD WHEN – MARCH 25 A fun gala

 That was close!

The week of January 23 brought some fear to the RRBC. The weather report had very high winds and a lot of rain. On Monday, Emergency Response Chair, Rich Aszman, went down to the club and reported that the water was about a foot and a half below the peninsula. Tuesday morning, several members went down at high tide and saw the water just 1 foot below. Fortunately, it all passed


Fundraising Chair Alex Marin is looking forward to another fun, exciting and successful Super Bowl party. The committee will be having 50/50’s, boxes and possibly a free week in Point Pleasant.

Fact or Fiction – You Decide!

While the Club resides in Edison it has had some interesting history. For starters it was first chartered at Martin’s Landing or Martin’s Dock which is down river just west of the turnpike bridge and adjacent to the historic waterfront residence there. Martin’s landing shows up on maps that date back to the 1800’s, more importantly in 1934 boaters like Bill Johnson and roughly 30 other boaters congregated there and decided to start a boat club – RRBC. Shortly thereafter they purchased the Tea Pot Inn which was basically a swim and dance club located at the base of Player Avenue. Interestingly enough, Player Avenue was so named because Playwrights and actors from NYC Theatre district would frequently vacation in that neighborhood in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s – so we have heard?

Many of the river view houses in the area still show the bungalow like construction as they were believed to be summer homes in that era. A passing rumor has been that the likes of Eric Weisz’s mother vacationed in the white house directly east of the club. In trying to verify that, some internet research reveals Cecelia lived in NYC in the early 1900’s and vacationed in NJ so it is very possible. That house was vacant and dilapidated for years in the 70’s timeframe and as kids we thought it was haunted, there was also an elaborate walkway with a large brasslike gate the led down to the river revealing at one time it was a probably one of the more affluent cottages in the area. I almost forgot to mention Eric Weisz’s stage name was Harry Houdini. We need to find more history of the Tee Pot Inn and that neighborhood in that timeframe. The Tee Pot Inn was also a United States Government Volunteer Life Saving Station which is certainly worthy of a plaque somewhere!

Thanks to an author named Joe Klaas who published a book that claimed an Edison resident was actually Amelia Earhart we have some folk lore to write about. Irene Bolam, wife of RRBC member Guy Bolam, was an active member of the RRBC Ladies Auxiliary into the early 1980’s. Story’s continue today that some form of government conspiracy to hide Amelia Earhart was possible verses her demise in the famous airplane flight. Members that knew Irene always felt there was ‘something about her’ and they often commented on how she always held her drink glass with a napkin to possibly avoid leaving fingerprints. This is truly a very controversial story but it is well documented, it is believed Irene won a large lawsuit from the author and McGraw Hill the book publisher for falsely accusing her of hiding her real identity. That said major entities like National Geographic and Fox have gone on to research this possibility as recent at the 2000’s. Plus Irene has an interesting maiden name! See previous page for picture of the Tea Pot Inn.