RIFT RAFT Newsletter

From the Bridge

Anthony Dima, Commodore

As we are about half way through the year of the boating season, I would like to take a minute to talk about where we are and where we hope to be headed.

We have made good progress this year, and as always this does not come easily. I have noticed that many people are working and we have completed many things and this has left time for all to enjoy their families and the club.

I would like to talk about some of the highlights, and I’m sure that I will be forgetting some things, my apologies.

Although this year’s dock work was not the most work that we have done in a given year, it was the correct amount of work that we need to do to maintain the dock system and it matched our ongoing budget needs. This was accomplished even though we had a late winter.
Once the weather broke everyone jumped in to help, the docks and electric were ready on time. Nice job by all!

I hope that you either noticed or been a part of the work crews, but we are slowly cleaning the club up. It started with the downstairs room. That was followed by the patio and now the area over by the sheds. All are coming together and we will be continuing the effort. Again stand up and applaud yourselves …. Great team work.

I must say something about the bar.

As we all know Don maintained the inner workings of the bar for many years. With the sudden passing of Don, we as a club were left with a challenge. The bar is something that we all enjoy, and a must have for club’s revenue. This comes with a price of a great deal of behind the scenes work. After Don’s passing, the board stepped up and made a quick temporary appointment of Frank Cummings. In the following weeks Frank took on this challenge without knowing what was ahead. Within the first month Frank faced credit issues with the distributor while never skipping a beat on the club inventory. He had to understand and complete the bar banking records. This was followed by him having to learn how to file state sales tax and if that was not enough, our club license renewal came due and the renewal system just went electronic. Frank chased it all down while never losing a sale. Frank has also reevaluated the pricing system. Working with his team they are initiating a cash register system and in the future they are working towards an inventory control system. Please join me in saying a Well Done to Frank and the Bar staff.

Over the past few months we have been enjoying an influx of new members. As I look around I see people opening up their arms and making these folks feel welcomed, all I can say is OUTSTANDING….. Thank you.

Poker Run

First and foremost, the date is June 18. The previous issue had a typo. Second, to many, this is one of the best activities of the year. It combines boating and partying; two things we do well. Participation for the Poker Run is usually high. If you haven’t done it yet, you should. It is also a great time to invite guests

The New Crane

In March, we took possession of a new crane. This 45 ton beauty has tracks vs. tires, is spotless and is fire engine red. Aside from increased productivity we will see, we won’t have to hear that “The Crane is Leaking” at every meeting. A special shout out to the crane committee of Catman, Captain Leonard, Jimmy V and Billy Sr. and all the others who helped

Ramp Work

Due to a yeoman’s effort by Tommy Crowley Sr., Mike Kelly and a host of helpers, the ramp can now be used during most low tides along with small boats. If you watched the work progress, you saw people using hip waders and all sorts of machinery

Rubik’s Cube

Last year, a new theory was tried when taking the chains off the docks. Based on the results, it will be a one shot deal. Trying to untangle the chains took close to 100 man hours (# of men x hours x days). Some pulled on chains, some held them, but without the keen mind of Rubik Catsoulis, it never would have been completed. Only John seemed to be able to figure out the tangled mess. Fortunately we didn’t have to send down a scuba diver (which was discussed). Thank you to all that helped with this arduous task.

Commodores Scholarship

Applications for the Commodores Scholarship are now being accepted through July. All children of members are encouraged to submit.


The time to cozy up together on the Raritan will be held on 7/2. This will be the 3rd annual occurrence. Barb Crowley is ordering shirts IN ADVANCE this year. Please reach out to her if you want one of these commemorative shirts

Masked Bandit by Boats

In late April, senior member Pat O’Brien and his friend Al went to check on his boat at the top of the hill. Upon opening up the cover, they were faced with a masked face and eyes, staring at them. The raccoon blew past Al and almost ran up Pat. The next week, sensing the O’Brien boat was no longer safe, the masked marauder took up residence in the Donnelly boat

Membership Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following who have membership anniversaries in the second quarter

Jim Rutowski, G. Robert Campbell, Richard Aszman, Robert Murphy, Michael Beaudrow, William Stephens, Jack Michael, Tom Crowley Jr, Thomas Crowley, Chris Branna, Lawrence Longo, Alex Marin, Bill Scott, Glenn Clark, Glenn Hellwig, Randall Schleuss, Anthony Dima, Jayson Ditzel, Peter Lucarelli

From the Navigator – Andy Stevens

Welcome to volume 31 issue 2. The resurrection of this award winning periodical last year hopefully is both informative and entertaining. The biggest rule of thumb that is followed is that no jokes are made at the expense of others. We also keep this a G rated newsletter because I have been told that some youngsters either read it or have it read to them.

I welcome our new associate editor, Alex Garzon to the ever-growing staff.

If anyone would like to have something included, feel free to submit it. Please send submissions to ADStevens@aol.com


With the 2015 season upon us, we have a plethora of fun in sun festivities taking place. Don’t be a stranger, come, partake, and volunteer. A happy time for one and all.



PLACE – RARITAN RIVER WHEN – JUNE 18 One of the most fun events of the season


PLACE – RIVER NEAR DONALDSON PARK WHEN – JULY 2 Bring your boat, Jet Ski or Kayak and raft up

Club Hosting

PLACE – INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WHEN – JULY 16 Dignitaries from far and wide come to the club

Silver Bullet Tour

PLACE –RONDOUT YACHT BASIN WHEN – JULY 21 -24 Take advantage of the low gas prices and have a relaxing weekend navigating the waterways and visiting another club.

Tiki Bar Party

PLACE –OUTSIDE WHEN – AUGUST 13 Live music, good food and great company. The perfect trifecta for late summer

Chips for Sale

Not sure if you noticed but chips and snacks are now on sale at the Tiki Bar. After you come back from a hard day of fishing and need something salty in your mouth, head to the Tiki Bar and get satisfied. A variety of snacks are for sale. Good job Frank.

Congratulations Fred and Nick

What a whirlwind 2 years it has been for Nick. Marrying off a daughter, gaining 6 grandchildren and a son-in-law. Equally as stunning is Fred gaining a beautiful bride, 3 more kids and a father-in-law. Wishing all of the Miragliata and Diem families nothing but good wishes and guidance from above

Club vs. Marina

Earlier this year, Jack Manning from our sister club, SRBC was prepping his boat with the help of another member. This other person thought it would be a good idea to remove one of the back stands to paint underneath it. Yes, you can see where this is going. He removed the stand without putting any additional supports on. The boat came tumbling down, almost hitting Jack. The cost of the new windshield was over $5,000. Coupled with the rest of the damage, the insurance company totaled the boat. Jack was beside himself. With the help of fellow members, Kathy used the money to buy the same boat. Members swapped the windshield and repaired the rest of the damage without Jack knowing. Upon returning the race at Dover, Jack was lead down to his slip where he was greeted by friends and family. Jack practically cried tears of joy seeing his boat back in. This is something you only see at a club, not a marina.

Questions and Answers

Q: Are spots on the gabion wall reserved or for only certain people?

A: No, it is for anyone who paid for a spot. However, leadership might tell you which spot to use.

Q: I noticed the sumptuous treats available for sale at the bar for 50 cents. How does a bar tender ring it up?

A: Hmmmm. Must ask the bar chair or co-chair, Frank’s Cumming Schiavino.

Q: Can anyone submit an article for the Rift Raft or are they only
done by the Editor and Associate Editor?

A: Anyone can. Just don’t write something that might be offensive.

Q: If the downstairs bathrooms need supplies or cleaning, whom should I ask?

A: Any member is more than welcome to help with the bathrooms. However, Rich Gabriel or Marky Mark are the point people.

Q: When will the last wooden platform by ramp be installed?

A: I just don’t know.

Q: Does the club have a flat rate for leaving jet skis in the water or is it $6 per occurrence?

A: At present, it is just the $6 per night. Q: Who keeps the calendar for when people want to rent the facilities?

A: That falls under the Rear Commodore Fred Diem. But you must submit an application and it has to be approved by the board.

Q: Whether to get special permission for something, have the board interpret an issue or submit an application for rental, when does the board meet?

A: First Tuesday of the month.